Health Club Consulting


Why not start off on the right foot rather than try to play catch up later? Fitness One Management has extensive experience with pre-sales and marketing of fitness clubs. With our experienced and dedicated staff there to assist, advise, and direct the launch of your fitness center, you can get a leg up on the competition to make success a reality, rather than an eventuality.
Our signature marketing method uses all available outlets to promote your club’s pre-sales, including local radio, print press, grand opening parties, direct marketing, passive marketing, corporate programs, and much more.
Our goal is to make your health club profitable and capable of sustaining long-term growth by acquiring and retaining valuable memberships. In many start-ups, we have the monthly overhead and expenditures covered well before the doors swing open.

Club Start-ups

Fitness One Management has launched many new health clubs and fitness facilities. Whether you need assistance in design and development, pre-sales, equipment placement, promotions, or training programs, we can assist you with any or all to insure your greatest chance of success in a new start-up.
With our exclusive health club development plan, we’ll guide you through all phases of the start-up, from concept to concrete, from idea to reality, we are there with you.
Your success is our success, we work tirelessly to guide, plan, consult, and manage your way to a profitable, sustainable health club business. With our experience at your side, together we will give your health club the best chance of success.

Under Performing

If your sales are down or stagnant, then we can help. Fitness One Management can train your staff convert interested inquiries into new members.
It’s important that all of your staff be trained to convert inquiries into sales to maximize your potential.

Does your health club have:
  • New incoming sales?

  • Fresh leads?

  • Retail income?

  • Membership retention program?

  • Corporate wellness program?

  • In-house profit centers?

  • Income from personal training?

  • A professionally staffed front desk?

If not, then you’re club is not realizing its full potential.
Contact us today to get your club on the right track with Fitness One Management.